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Pricing information to attend Social PR Strategies OR Social Brands


Price Information  Standard Rate
Charity / Public Sector Rate  £549 + VAT
In-house Rate  £649 + VAT
Agency/Supplier Rate  £749 + VAT

Pricing information to attend Social PR Strategies AND Social Brands

Price Information Standard Rate 
Charity / Public Sector Rate  £823.50 + VAT
In-house Rate  £973.50 + VAT
 Agency/Supplier Rate  £1123.50 + VAT


Pricing information to attend the Social Summit workshops

 Price Information Measurement
Twitter Workshop  YouTube Workshop 
 Workshops Rates  £299 + VAT  £299 + VAT  £299 + VAT  £299 + VAT

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Speaker Confirmations & Changes
Please note that we arrange our conferences up to 6 months in advance and whilst our speakers agree to present at our conferences in good faith, sometimes as the date of the conference approaches, they are prevented from doing so for personal or business reasons.  We endeavour to find suitable replacement speakers from the same company in the first instance if possible, or of a similar calibre and experience (and subject matter), depending on the notice we have been given by the speaker.  We are passionate about the quality of our events and presentations and each speaker is carefully researched as a specialist in their field  – therefore often a direct replacement cannot be found in good time or in time for the replacement speaker themselves to prepare a quality presentation.  With the increasingly challenging market conditions facing us all, unfortunately we cannot guarantee any particular speaker or case study as our speakers themselves cannot guarantee their attendance to us.  Your understanding in this matter during these challenging times is much appreciated.